Nike Flyease – Hands-Free Sneakers

Nike Flyease - Hands-Free Sneakers

Nike’s GO Flyease is a revolutionary hands-free sneaker that eliminates the need to tie laces. This advanced technology makes getting on and off easy for anyone – even those with limited mobility.

The Flyease line of shoes was inspired by 16-year-old Matthew Walzer, who has cerebral palsy and wanted to be able to put on and tie his high-top sneakers without assistance from his parents.


The Nike Flyease is a lightweight sneaker with a soft and comfortable upper that can be worn for both sports or casual wear. Its flexible heel collapses when you slip your foot in, then snaps back to secure the shoe.

It also features a TPU tailgate that allows you to scrunch your foot inside the shoe and pull it up and out with ease – this is at the core of its technology and an important aspect of its appeal.

Though this groundbreaking design may be a game changer for those living with disabilities, some within the disability community have expressed opposition. Some accused Nike of exploiting disability to sell their product, while others noted that it would reduce access for those with mobility issues.


Nike’s GO Flyease sneaker is their first completely hands-free shoe. Designed with a bi-stable hinge that keeps the shoe open when you need to use it and snaps shut once your foot has been put in, this shoe offers convenience and ease of use.

These shoes are made with partly recycled knit material for a sock-like fit and feature mesh overlays on the upper.

Nike’s adaptive sneakers have become a huge hit with the disability community, but many consumers want something easy to put on and take off. To meet this demand, Nike has responded by adding an array of colors and sizes to their collection.

Sarah Reinertsen, who designs sneakers for Nike, notes that it’s not just athletes who desire hands-free comfort. Those pregnant or fighting cancer often look for ways to minimize bending over when doing physical tasks.


Nike Flyease is a revolutionary sneaker that doesn’t require hands to put on or take off. This adaptive technology makes it especially helpful for those who struggle with traditional tie-ups when trying to put shoes on.

For the first time ever, this shoe features a bi-stable hinge and tensioner that enable hands-free operation. This groundbreaking innovation in footwear design has had an enormous impact on those living with disabilities.

In 2012, a teenager with cerebral palsy wrote to Nike complaining about the difficulty of putting on his shoes. He desired to be able to do it independently and become independent.

About a year or two later, Nike designers Tobie Hatfield and Rob Ramsay began work on FlyEase. To add even more value, they brought in a paralympic athlete and former amputee for expertise that would inform every aspect of the product–from technical specifications to its aesthetic design and marketing message.


Nike is known for their daring footwear design, from the original waffle sole in the 1970s to ZoomX foam in 2010 that helped Eliud Kipchoge complete a sub-2-hour marathon. Now Nike has created an innovative hands-free shoe designed with people with disabilities in mind — and it looks pretty cool too!

Nike Designer Tobie Hatfield and Matthew Walzer, a teenager with cerebral palsy, joined forces to create the GO FlyEase shoe. In a letter sent to Nike in 2012 by Walzer to Nike, he requested shoes that would allow him to get on and off his feet without assistance from someone else’s hands. With these new shoes in hand, Hatfield was able to fulfill Walzer’s wish for independence in getting on and off his feet.

When they were unveiled, the shoes garnered widespread recognition for their accessibility and inclusivity. Unfortunately, resellers quickly capitalized on this enthusiasm by raising prices several times higher than retail on sites like StockX.