Venice VIP Escorts

If you’re thinking about booking a sexy escort for your upcoming vacation, consider Venice. Located in the heart of Italy, this city is perfect for a romantic getaway or a romantic evening in Venice with your special someone. The city’s romantic charm is also well worth the expense. Whether you’re a man looking for an exotic date, or a woman in search of a discreet escort Rome, Venice has a wide variety of options to match your personal style.

While Venice is a very safe city, it’s still important to keep your valuables close. It’s easy to be a victim of pickpocketing in Venice’s popular tourist areas, so you’ll want to stay vigilant.

Prostitution was legal in Venice, but that didn’t mean it was acceptable. Venetian authorities were concerned that men would resort to crime if they spent all their time with women. As a result, they regulated the sex industry and made matrons a part of the city’s society. Prostitution was considered an unsavory profession, and men waited until their late thirties to marry. Nowadays, men can hire a sex escort to keep them company during their travels.

There are plenty of brothels in Venice. It’s worth considering whether a Venice escort is what you’re looking for.

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