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The city of Lille is small, so you won’t find too many ts-girls. You’ll find just one or two travelling transsexual escorts, with prices starting at around 100 EUR. However, France recently legalised same-sex marriage, and more than three quarters of French citizens support this right. It’s also the first country in the world to declassify transgenderism as a mental illness.

The French government has also recognized traditional sex workers as part of the nation’s cultural heritage. You can even see paintings of brothels from earlier centuries, by artists such as Edgar Degas and Pablo Picasso. In addition, Brassai published photographs of brothels in his 1935 book Voluptes de Paris.

The city of Lille is home to a diverse range of cultures and customs. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway in Lille, consider hiring a private companion. The city’s libertines are mature, francaise women, and sexy baise algeriennes. With the help of Lille Escorts or Amiens Escorst, you can enjoy the sights, sounds, and flavors of this French city while being pampered by a local prostitute.

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