Euphoria Review – Cassie Euphoria

cassie euphoria

Sam Levinson’s teen drama Euphoria stars Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard, a vulnerable high schooler desperate for love and validation. Her obsession with men manifests itself in several embarrassing moments such as hooking up with her best friend’s ex-boyfriend, hiding in a bathroom, and waking up at 4 a.m.

Cassie is a Narcissist

Narcissists are individuals who believe they are superior to others and become self-absorbed. Typically, these individuals display manipulative tendencies and exhibit egotistical tendencies.

Cassie often feels overwhelmed in high school, having to cope with unwanted attention, judgment and issues she can’t control. This leads her to use narcissism as a crutch to boost her self-worth and attract admiration from others.

It’s possible that narcissism is at the root of her behavior, but she could also suffer from borderline personality disorder (BPD). BPD is a mental illness that primarily impacts women and manifests in intense emotions and relationships as well as insecurity and self-doubt.

Season two of The Walking Dead revealed Cassie has been having sexual relations with Nate behind Maddy’s back. This development is shocking, considering Maddy is her best friend and they’ve had an ongoing tension since they were teenagers. It remains uncertain whether this act of betrayal or not; one thing is for certain: Maddy is far from contented.

Cassie is a Manipulator

Season 2 of Euphoria saw Cassie spiral into an abusive and self-destructive self. She showed no concern for Maddy, whom she knew slept with her abusive ex-boyfriend Nate Jacobs; yet Cassie justifies her actions even if they are wrong.

She finds it difficult to be alone and began relying on Nate for sexual advances, a relationship which complicated her life. Additionally, she began filming sex tapes and nudes with Nate for entertainment purposes.

Eventually, she struggled with self-control and made poor decisions that led her down a path of self-destruction and depression. Her emotional instability eventually resulted in a meltdown.

After several failed relationships, she finally decided to get back together with Nate Jacobs. Despite knowing about his abuse of her best friend, she continued her affair and became involved with him.

Cassie is a Liar

Sydney Sweeney delivers an outstanding performance as the maniacal Cassie. She captures her character’s fearful anxiety and effortlessly nails the jokes writer-creator Sam Levinson provides for her.

She’s a Gena Rowlands-esque bombshell with an infectious heart of gold who endured slut shaming and the breakdown of her home, yet has become the caricature of a woman on the edge. Her obsession with Nate (Jacob Elordi) is becoming debilitating and this season her storyline becomes ever more challenging.

Euphoria’s cameras turn against her body, showing shots of her barely there bathing suit at Maddy’s birthday party and in that Oklahoma bathroom where she was shocked to discover she looks just like one of Maddy’s characters! It’s hilarious but also painfully painful to watch.

Cassie is a Hypocrite

Cassie Euphoria is a character with many issues with her behavior. She does things she knows are wrong but cannot control herself, leading to hypocrisy and an unhealthy cycle of behavior.

As a child, she struggled with her parents’ divorce. Her dad struggled to maintain an income and battled with her mom; as such, she felt unworthy of him growing up.

She struggles with her mother’s insecurities and doesn’t have a close relationship with her grandmother. She worries constantly about what people will think of her, making it difficult for her to feel happy or comfortable within the family unit.

Cassie’s sister Lexi is the only person who truly understands her. Lexi is her rock, always there for her even during difficult times. Cassie relies on Lexi for support and understanding through every phase of life – which she does more than anyone else can provide.