Hailey Bieber Nails

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber has gained notoriety for her minimalist nail styles and modern takes on timeless beauty trends. She’s rocked everything from jelly nails to bright neon colors, french manicures and negative-space designs – all with great success!

Hailey’s signature manicure is the glazed donut, and it’s simple to recreate at home with some key products. Whether you opt for fall-inspired hues or go all-out pink chrome, Hailey’s glam nails are supermodel-worthy and perfect for anyone wanting a touch of celebrity glitz in their everyday manicure.

Glazed Donut Nails

Glazed donut nails are one of the hottest nail trends this year, thanks to model and beauty brand founder Hailey Bieber. These simple but stunning nail looks replicate the sweet glaze of a donut and can easily be created at home.

The classic glazed donut manicure features a nude base color topped with pearlescent or shimmery gel polish. It’s so sweet and simple – ideal for everyday wear as well as special occasions!

Another variation of the glazed donut trend is chocolate glazed donut nails, featuring a deep brown base color instead. These are ideal for fall and winter as they add an air of moodiness to your manicure.

Create this trend at home by first painting the base colur of your client’s nails with a neutral gel polish and curing it under either UV or LED lights. Afterward, apply another layer of pearlescent or iridescent gel polish and cure again under either UV or LED lights for added shine.

Glazed French Nails

Hailey Bieber made waves this year with her magical, dewy glazed donut nails trend. Now she’s perfecting the look for the holidays – a truly festive mani!

Zola Ganzorigt, Bieber’s go-to nail tech, created this look using OPI’s most popular shades to achieve the pearly, glazed effect. Finishing off with a red french tip at the tips of her almond-shaped nails, this cheerful manicure would be the ideal addition to any holiday gathering.

This elegant look is easy to recreate at home with only a few items. Begin by applying a thin layer of white, pale pink or nude nail polish over your entire nail to give it that glazed sheen finish.

Once dry, add a holographic top coat to further enhance the shimmer. This glamorous look is like having no makeup but with nails – the ideal way to feel like a supermodel without all of the effort!

If you love this look but prefer something more subdued, try a chocolate brown nail shade as a neutral choice that still looks amazing. It works great on any skin tone and can be paired with almost any outfit – we especially like how it looks when paired with cream or tonal hues.

Glazed Red Nails

Hailey Bieber debuted one of the biggest trends of 2022 at the 2022 Met Gala: an iridescent sheen known as “glazed donut nails.” But she’s taken this trend a step further this holiday season by offering up a festive take on it: glazed red nails! While more subdued than its original version, this festive version still packs a powerful punch for any special occasion.

Zola Ganzorigt, a nail tech, provided the detailed tutorial for creating her manicure on Instagram. She began by applying an OPI base coat followed by two layers of gel color in Funny Bunny followed by OPI Chrome Effects powder in Tin Man Can for a pearlescent sheen.

She then finished it off with a clear top coat to seal the look and ensure your nails dry quickly and stay looking great for several days. It’s an incredibly straightforward look that could work for everyday wear or even school; so give it a try!

Glazed Blue Nails

Glam donut nails were the hottest trend at the 2022 Met Gala and Hailey Bieber was on top of it. Her pearly glazed manicure went viral within seconds, proving she knows how to select an impressive nail style.

She often opts for classic nail designs that are both eye-catching and easy to replicate. Her glazed donut nails are one of her signature looks, but she also loves bright and pearly colors.

At Tiffany & Co’s October photoshoot in 2021, Bieber donned a red manicure as an accent against her gold and diamond jewelry. However, this vibrant touch didn’t overpower the otherwise neutral ensemble.

Bieber recently collaborated with Ganzorigt to create these chocolate-glazed nails, inspired by her iconic glazed donut series that debuted at the 2022 Met Gala. This look can easily be recreated at home using budget-friendly products.