Who Is Suzie Stranger Things?

suzie stranger things

In the season three finale of Stranger Things, Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) shared a tender moment with his new girlfriend Suzie. She’s tech-savvy and hotter than Phoebe Cates but lives in Utah where her Mormon parents would not allow them to speak on the phone; thus Dustin created an antenna so they could communicate via ham radio instead.

1. She’s a Nerd

Suzie is an incredibly geeky young woman. Raised in a strict Mormon household, she developed an interest in science, and technology and reading fantasy novels.

She met Dustin Henderson at Camp Know Where in 1985 and the two quickly became friends. Unfortunately, their lives took them apart so they had to embark on a long-distance relationship.

The two have an incredible bond. They sing the popular song ‘Never Ending Story’ together often and it has become one of their staples.

Stranger Things‘ Brooke Valentine is a minor character but she has an iconic scene with her boyfriend Dustin Henderson. They first meet at Camp Know Where in May 1985 and form an unlikely friendship that eventually leads to romance.

She plays an essential role in Seasons 3 and 4, providing essential information to the group. Furthermore, she gives Mike and Eleven the code they need to locate Planck’s constant so they can seal a door to The Upside Down.

2. She’s a Singer

Suzie Stranger Things enjoys classic ’80s music, particularly “The NeverEnding Story.” Additionally, she enjoys certain movies and fandoms that are considered “for younger kids” such as The Wizard of Oz.

She’s no novice when it comes to performing onstage. With experience performing for both Broadway and Schenectady Light Opera Company as well as Park Playhouse, she knows exactly how to bring out the best in each performance.

Her Instagram account boasts over 400k followers, making her one of the most popular stars on the platform. Recently, Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) and her fans were invited to perform “The NeverEnding Story”‘s theme song in Paris!

This scene is a major plot point and an iconic moment from Season 3 of Stranger Things. It showcases how much the show relies on music, particularly during the 1980s era, to captivate its viewers. This makes it such an appealing moment for everyone involved with Stranger Things.

3. She’s a Hacker

Stranger Things is one of the world’s most beloved web series. Fans love its captivating scenes and characters, which keep viewers hooked for hours on end.

In Season Two of Stranger Things, viewers were introduced to a range of new characters including Scoops Troop, Robin, Mike Wheeler and even Alexei, a Russian scientist.

Stranger Things’ cast was strong, but one character stood out above all others: Suzie. In season 3, Suzie truly stole the show.

Season four saw the California crew visit Suzie in Salt Lake City. She lived with many siblings and was having difficulty using her computer.

She ultimately assisted the guys in hacking their way to Nevada. They utilized her abilities to locate where Eleven was being held captive and also pinpoint the coordinates of NINA HQ.

4. She’s a Mother

She enjoys science and technology as well as reading fantasy novels. Additionally, she has a good ear for listening and an infectious kindness.

Suzie is one of Stranger Things’ underrated characters. Though she doesn’t appear often throughout the series, there is one memorable scene with Dustin Henderson that many fans enjoy watching.

Gabriella Pizzolo, who plays Suzie in Suzie, has starred in some renowned movies and TV shows. She is an incredibly talented artist who has earned multiple awards for her work.

Her character hails from Salt Lake City, Utah, and was raised in a Mormon household. She is an intelligent girl with many nerdy interests.

She met Dustin Henderson at Camp Know Where and the two immediately clicked. Although they lived in different states, their connection remained strong through radio signals.