Stranger Things Pizza and Argyle

Pizza and Argyle


This month, Netflix’s fourth season of “Stranger Things” has been taking the Internet by storm – and one character in particular: Surfer Boy Pizza employee Argyle.

Thanks to some Internet detectives, you can now call Argyle’s phone number displayed on his pizza van. If you do, you will hear a recorded greeting from Argyle himself!

Argyle’s Favorite Flavors

Argyle is a relaxed pizza delivery guy featured in Stranger Things season 4. He’s also the owner of the Surfer Boy Pizza van.

Argyle is known for his positive outlook and laid-back disposition. He assists Jonathan, Mike, and Will in their search for Eleven as they journey across America to Hawkins, Indiana.

He also assists Eleven by creating a sensory deprivation tank to aid her in fighting Vecna, the evil entity terrorizing Hawkins. Furthermore, Argyle provides Eleven with pizza as she engages in battle against Vecna.

Contrary to his friend Jonathan, Argyle appears to be very laid-back and relaxed – likely due to his 4/20 lifestyle. However, he exhibits extreme hyperventilation when faced with grisly scenes like Agent Harmon’s death or a multitude of dead bodies surrounding Eleven.

Argyle may enjoy his cannabis-smoking lifestyle, but he remains a kind and loyal friend to his fellow Stranger Things cast members. He’s always willing to lend a helping hand in any way he can – from providing them with pizza to aiding them with research projects.

Pineapple Jalapeno

Argyle, the friendly pizza delivery boy on Netflix’s Stranger Things, has taken a stand against pineapple on pizza. While many Americans are staunch opponents of this topping, Argyle’s promotion has encouraged more fans to give it a shot.

According to a 2019 Research Co poll, 73% of Canadians say they would “definitely” or “probably” enjoy pizza with pineapple as a topping. Some defenders of pineapple claim it got an unfair reputation due to it not being properly drained before being added as an ingredient.

Others have attributed Hawaiian pizza’s invention to Greek immigrant Sam Panopoulos in Canada in 1962. As Redditor TibetianMassive pointed out, pineapple’s sweet, salty, spicy taste makes it ideal for pizza.

With some preparation, you can easily make a pineapple jalapeno pizza at home. Whether using canned pineapple and jalapenos or fresh ones straight from the garden, this combination works great on store-bought dough for an in-sight pizza in under half an hour!


Pepperoni pizza is a beloved type of pizza that features ground beef and pork, cheese, as well as other ingredients. It can be found in numerous restaurants around the world.

Meatloaf is made by grinding meat and fat to a 2-3 millimeters texture, then mixing in spices, seasonings, herbs, sugar, paprika, and garlic powder. After mixing thoroughly, it’s fermented with lactobacillus bacteria which produces lactic acid for its slightly tart taste.

This process takes anywhere from a few days to weeks, depending on the recipe and style. After curing, smoking and drying, we get that characteristic chewy sausage we love so much!

Pepperoni, like all sausages, begins with a ratio of 70 percent lean to 30 percent fat. This combination helps create the ideal texture for pepperoni: not too fine nor too coarse.

Meat Lovers

Season four of Stranger Things saw the arrival of surfer boy pizza employee Argyle (played by Eduardo Franco). Over the course of the show, Argyle sold his services so well that viewers began wishing he were an actual franchise.

Get your own piece of Argyle’s magic with Walmart’s Stranger Things-themed frozen pizzas. Choose from four delicious flavors such as Pepperoni, Supreme, Meat Lovers, or Pineapple Jalapeno — all for just $7 each!

To really set the atmosphere, each pie comes in a photo-worthy box featuring the Stranger Things logo. If you’re an absolute fanatic, pick up a replica of Argyle’s Surfer Boy T-shirt to go along with your pie! Enjoy one of these delicious pies for breakfast, lunch, or dinner – pick your favorite today and you won’t be disappointed!