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ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling is an accomplished Canadian actor best known for his role as Noah in the beloved romantic drama ‘The Notebook’. Additionally, he’s a successful film producer.

He is of French-Canadian, English, Scottish, Irish, and German ancestry and was born in London, Canada on November 12th 1980.

Body Measurements

Ryan Gosling is an actor who has starred in various movies and TV shows. Additionally, he’s a musician, owning his own band called Dead Man’s Bones.

He was born on November 12, 1980 in London, Ontario to Thomas Gosling – a paper mill salesman – and Donna Gosling, an administrative secretary.

His parents divorced when he was still very young, and as a result his family was relocated several times due to her father’s job demands.

He experienced bullying throughout his school years and was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. As a result, he left elementary school and home-schooled until high school.

He stands at 6 feet tall (184 centimeters) and weighs 78 kilograms, boasting gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes.


Ryan Gosling is a renowned Canadian actor, musician, and film director best known for his role as Jack in The Notebook. He has since also been featured in several major motion pictures such as Half Nelson, Lars and the Real Girl, and Blue Valentine.

He is married to actress Eva Mendes and they have two children together. Additionally, the couple owns Tagine restaurant in Beverly Hills, California together.

On November 12th, 1980 in London, Ontario, Thomas Ray Gosling was born to traveling salesman Thomas Ray Gosling and secretary Donna Wilson.

His parents divorced when he was young, so he spent his childhood living with his mother and older sister. Both teachers of ballet instilled in him an interest in the arts that has remained with him to this day.

His hard training began from an early age, leading him to be bullied in some schools due to his lean physique and hyperactive personality. Thankfully, he was always kind and sweet at home.


Ryan Gosling is a Canadian actor who has won over many hearts with his roles in hit films such as The Notebook, Drive, The Nice Guys, and Blade Runner 2049.

He stands 6 feet tall and weighs 78 kilograms, making him one of the most handsome men in Hollywood.

The Canadian-born actor boasts an enviable physique that women lust after. He believes in intermittent fasting, which helps reduce body fat and optimize anabolic hormone levels.

Shoe Size

Ryan Gosling is a renowned Canadian actor, singer and musician. He began his career at an early age and has appeared in numerous movies such as Half Nelson, La La Land, Drive, The Ides of March and many others.

He is renowned for his powerful jaw line, well-built physique, unique accent and powerful performances.

His height is 6ft 0.5in (184 cm). He weighs 180 lbs (82 kg) and wears a shoe size of 11 US.

He was born on November 12, 1980 in London, Ontario to Thomas Ray Gosling – a traveling salesman for a paper mill – and Donna Gosling. His sister is Mandi.

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