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meggie kempner

meggie kempner

Meggie Kempner is the granddaughter of New York socialite Nan Kempner and has created a clothing line inspired by her grandmother that reimagines classic sportswear with a contemporary city-chic aesthetic.

Ex-New York magazine reporter Brian Feldman recently identified the women behind the Instagram gossip account DeuxMoi, claiming they are Meggie Kempner and Melissa Lovallo. Hailey Bieber confirmed his findings.

What Is Meggie Kempner’s Net Worth?

Meggie Kempner is a fashion designer and stylist who founded her own label in 2014. Along the way, they’ve integrated travel goods into their apparel designs.

She is the granddaughter of renowned NYC socialite Nan Kempner, who served as a Yves Saint Laurent muse and had one of the largest private couture collections worldwide. With pieces ranging from Valentino to Dior in her closet, Nan Kempner’s style became an icon for New York City.

Unfortunately, Meggie and her brother Chris filled a void in the fashion industry after her brother Chris passed away in 2022.

In 2013, two musketeers created an Instagram page called DeuxMoi for gossip purposes. This account was later discovered by Brian Feldman, an ex-journalist from New York Magazine. According to Feldman, Meggie Kempner and Melissa Lovallo were the creators of this account.

Who Is Meggie Kempner?

Meggie Kempner is a New York fashion designer who founded her label KEMPNER with her brother Chris Kempner in 2014. Both former stylists at Ralph Lauren, they shared an ambition to inspire confidence and vitality among women of all ages.

This collection pays homage to Nan Kempner, a New York socialite and iconic muse for Yves Saint Laurent for over four decades. She was also an ardent philanthropist, raising more than $75 million for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center over her lifetime.

Meggie remembers her grandmother always getting dressed up – which inspired her to design her line around this image of a confident, sultry woman.

She and her husband Ian tied the knot in a garden wedding at Beverly Hills. The ceremony took place under an arbor adorned with garden roses, Queen Anne’s lace, and snowball viburnum bushes.

What Is Meggie Kempner’s Design Company?

Established in 2014 by Meggie Kempner and her brother Chris, Kempner pays homage to their grandmother Nan Kempner (famously a muse for Yves Saint Laurent) with an urban sportswear collection inspired by high-end designer pieces mixed with casual menswear looks. The duo’s aesthetic pays homage to Nan’s eclectic taste in fashion – something which still rings true today.

Meggie draws inspiration from her experience styling at Ralph Lauren for this collection, designed for the sophisticated and elegant woman who wants to add a touch of city chic to her wardrobe. The range features versatile printed wool miniskirts, tank dresses, black-and-white two-tone goat fur coats and slim-fitting pants in classic shapes and colors.

Meggie’s designs are perfect for confident, powerful and sexy women looking to take their style game up a notch. Her and her brother’s vision for the brand is to instill confidence, vitality and style in women of all ages – young or old alike.

Who Is Meggie Kempner’s Brother?

Meggie Kempner, the designer behind her own label KEMPNER, is a fashion-savvy socialite and the granddaughter of legendary New York City socialite Nan Kempner who passed away in 2011. Together with her brother Chris, Meggie co-founded the brand in 2014.

She is a former stylist for Ralph Lauren and an ardent fan of classic sportswear. Her designs aim to create sophisticated yet sporty pieces that are elegant yet contemporary with an urban chic flair.

Meggie Kempner’s collection pays homage to her grandmother Nan Kempner, a renowned style icon who worked as both a contributing editor for French Vogue and fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar. The KEMPNER clothing line was designed and manufactured in New York by Meggie and her brother Chris.

Meggie volunteers for the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Central Park Zoo Party in her free time. Additionally, she belongs to Greensward Circle–a group of young professionals dedicated to conserving Central Park–which meets monthly.